Happy Birthday to Goo!

In the last 15 years Google has grown into the closest thing to George Orwell’s “Big Brother” from his foreshadowing novel of a totalitarian future society. Knowing what almost everyone on the net is searching for, thinking about, coveting and fearing is the ultimate information in an era when the axiom “information is power” was never truer.

Despite their unrivalled success, Google is now 15 years old and like most teenagers they are going through hormone ravaged changes.

Are You on the Map?

Google Maps is now the most prevalent smartphone app, utilized by 54% of all smartphone users. Facebook is employed by 44%, to give you an idea of where Google stands in the mobile scene. Google would have us believe that because these people are accessing searches on the go, they could very well pull right into your parking lot.

Google is willing to give your business a free map listing and a chance of coming up on a map in related searches by local consumers, so jump on it. This is a must that a lot of businesses do not take advantage of and is not difficult to do, usually involves a callback at your stated number for confirmation.

The OS Steers the Browser by the Nose

On the mobile operating system side, Google’s Android OS is now found on 79% of all smartphones, with Apple’s iOS found on only 14% of all the latest handsets. Google now has 53% of all mobile advertising.

What Does This Mean to a Small to Medium Sized Business?

Just like Microsoft’s strangle hold on the computer OS market held the torch for disseminating their browser Internet Explorer, Google’s Android OS of course comes loaded with Chrome’s mobile version and along with that Google Homepage/Searches by default.  Your rankings on Google search engine results pages just got more important to your company’s bottom line than ever.

1.1 Billion Psychological Profiles per Month

With more than 1.1 billion people utilizing Google search each month, making 114 billion searches, your company’s website listing needs to come up on the results pages that predicate the pending necessity of your products and services, ideally the first page!

Two Ways to Skin an Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla

Basically there are two ways to get on the first page/s of the Google results that mean most to your company.


SEM or Search Engine Marketing, namely paying for ads that surround the actual natural or organic results for the subject matter searched. Google’s Adwords has made the company the lion’s share by far; of their stellar earnings…$38.6 billion(Facebook has only made $6.4 billion), more money than any other company has ever generated over 15 years. SEM is especially good to get where you want to be fast. It is also very effective when your products/services are varied and your company does not fit into a vertical market. Upside is you pay by the click, meaning only when someone actually goes to your site as opposed to the CPM(cost per 1000 impressions) model in most other advertising. Funny thing is, the downside can also be the pay by the click model, especially when the bidding for locations is fierce in competitive commercial verticals.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is another completely different approach, namely the manipulation of your website and presence on the Internet to promote your website’s listing on Google to the first page/s of the results that will make the most sense for your company. This is a more long term commitment and strategy, but can be done in such a way as to change that company’s value forever, sometimes not only bringing another piece of the pie, but delivering a whole new pie!

SEO or SEM is especially important if you profit off of new customers and not the same ones again and again.

There is a fork in the road and your company needs to take at least one path, if not both!

Sources- comScore, eMarketer, Gartner, GlobalWebIndex, StatCounter

Author: Jeff Cyr 

Search-Social-PR Specialist

Electric Medialand

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