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EMland Case Study #001

When the Association of Canadian Community Colleges requested our assistance in digital recruitment of foreign students, we were first tasked with an initiative in Brazil. There was a contingent of college representatives going to several Brazilian Institutes of Technology to recruit face to face with candidates. Our mandate was to entice prospective students to fill out an online form and/or attend meetings at one of the locations in Brazil. We proposed a bilingual, Portuguese and English, three pronged campaign, with text ads on search results pages, banner ads that tracked people who have shown interest in technology, technical studies and education, and Facebook ads aimed at those in college and technical institutes.

Real-time Fine Tuning for Optimal Conversion

Not waiting or wanting to analyze our digital campaigns posthumously, we utilized tools to see what was happening in real time when prospective students landed on the form pages. We were not happy with the initial conversion rate on form fill-outs. The graphics looked great and spoke volumes without words, the text was convincing and compelling as well. But though English text ads had huge volume in terms of click through, conversion was very low.

Knowing that here in Canada I could very well be enticed by a French ad, but probably would rather fill out an English form, we thought this could be the case in Brazil. So we decided to provide links from each language’s landing page to the other in the other language in the first few days of the campaign. Allowing this cross navigation to the other language’s form made all the difference and set the pace for the rest of the campaign.

Education Migration – Flying North for the Winter ?

In just three weeks 65,027 potential scholarship candidates came to the ACCC landing site as a result of our digital efforts for a total cost of $8,114.02 and for a very low overall cost of 12 cents per visit. 891 candidates filled out a form. 71 filled out the English form, and 820 filled out the Portuguese form. These stats numerically reinforce our belief that the initial low conversion rate on the English form was a result of our hunch that prospects reading in English would prefer to actually fill out the form in their mother tongue. In the end the cost per form fill out was a mere $9.11.

The Numbers at a Glance

Client Goal: 1,000 total international students

  • Total Combined Registrants – 1,391 (the number continued to climb days after the event)
  • Total Number of Clicks – 65,027
  • Text Ads – 49,379 (E/P – 41,823/7,556)
  • Display Ads – 2,418 (E/P – 457/1,961)
  • Facebook – 13,231 (E/P – 5,684/7,547)

Lessons Learned

A great strategy with compelling and creative digital ads will better convert your audience and is key to a successful online campaign. But as important is constant monitoring and data analysis. Never put any of your digital campaigns on auto pilot.

Hope you found this Electric Medialand digital case study interesting. If you’re looking for a digital audit of your online strategy or would like us to look at a new online campaign you may be thinking about, feel free to drop us a line.


Jeff Cyr
SEO-SEM-PR Specialist
Electric Medialand

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