It’s 2014. Are you ready to tell your story?

2012was the year of acquisition, fan/follower numbers.

2013was a year of engagement and content optimization: marketers realized that vanity numbers were not enough, that to continue to show real growth they needed to engage their communities in a more meaningful way.

2014will be the year of great storytelling and advocacy: marketers realizing that with the growth of their digital networks they will need more effective and more impactful ways to reach current and new customers on a more sustainable way.

The next true business impact will likely come from “real alignment” with  niche communities that are passionate and influential advocates for your brand. To build and sustain these relationships, brands need to move away from thinking about branded content and embrace true storytelling.

Great storytellers have long embraced the fact that the most powerful stories happen in the mind of the audience, making each and every story unique and personal for the individual. They understand that stories are important because they are inherent to the human experience. Stories are how we pass on our accumulated wisdom, beliefs and values. They are the process through which we describe and explain the world around us, and our role and purpose in it. Audiences have always known this and asked for stories—they’ve never asked for content.

But why does this really matter?

The most powerful way to persuade someone of your idea is by uniting the idea with an emotion. The best way to do that is to tell compelling stories.

3 examples of great storytelling produced by our team at Electric Medialand

Author: Todd Marcotte

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