Living the Life at Carleton University

Case Study of Carleton University Residence Life:

Electric Medialand decided to focus on emotional reasons as a focal point for why a student would want to experience this unique residence life and wanted it to resonate with both students and parents.

We Want to Show, Not Tell Through Storytelling:

In this video you do not see random footage of kitchens, cafeterias and room layouts followed with lists of statistical information. Instead, you watch a video that tells an emotional story of residence life and how it is really a community. This is done via testimonials from actual students sharing their experience about residence life; how they felt before entering residence and how it is really not a bunch of concrete buildings with beds but a home away from home where lifelong friendships are made. This theme is present throughout the video as it highlights various aspects of the community and resulting relationships.

To Note: Often potential clients concentrate on features and benefits as a way of thinking and determining value proposition and this often determines the way to market and educate an audience and/or prospective client.

We also introduced music with lyrics that helped to connect and create a strong tie targeting both sight and sound senses, which in turn, created a stronger emotional connection to the experience for the audience. Since this video is targeted at both the parents and students, it leaves all the viewers with “a new way of looking at things” and the idea that residence life at Carleton University really is a home away from home and not just an extension of the university itself.

Do you have a story to tell your clients and prospective clients? Let us help you tell it!

Todd Marcotte Lead Strategist

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