Mobile Payment Platform Gaining Momentum

Once again, we are reminded that the bricks and mortar world of commerce is changing.

The old-fashioned way of doing business and then paying for that business, service or the latest shiny thing that caught your eye and you decided you cannot live without, is changing.

It’s becoming that much easier to consume and pay for things. It started with not having to leave the house to buy something -thank you internet- and now you don’t even have to go find your wallet before those coveted concert tickets time-out. Just reach for your phone or other smart device and make a mobile payment. This is something you can do before even getting out of bed and brushing your teeth!

And Apple for one is counting on it. While the bowl of technology continues to get crowded with phones, tablets, iPads and more, it’s the technology behind the devices that may be the real golden apple. Apple continues to come out with new computers, iPads, phones and now a watch, although it seems that now more than ever it’s becoming more about the technology that can be used on these devices that most of us aren’t leaving home without.

With that in mind, Apple is introducing Apple Pay, a mobile payment platform already gaining momentum by partnering with some of the major credit card companies which control approximately 83% of total plastic transactions (Source: Bidness Etc) It’s not all about the Apple but more about what’s behind the Apple; what it can do. It was no coincidence that the announcement of Apple Pay was included along with all of the new Apple phones and the watch coming out early next year.

Companies are realizing that a strong and mobile online presence is key to sales and technology players like Apple are noticing and planning to be the currency of choice for transactions.

Every day in business we are seeing that it’s no longer all about storefront or location, location, location. It’s now about online transactions, mobile applications, web presence, search engine marketing, optimization and more.

Author: Todd Marcotte
Lead Marketing Strategist

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