As They Say in Atlanta, Let’s Jack It Up!

What is news jacking?

Did you see it? Everywhere I looked it was there!  It went viral very quickly on social platforms and news outlets everywhere.

The IKEA spot illustrates how you can take advantage of big events or an organization’s large following by creating this type of marketing and piggybacking on their exposure.

It Doesn’t Take a Genius

Samsung did something similar by showcasing some new ad spots that ran right after the iPhone 6 announcements which you can watch below.

News jacking is a popular tool used in marketing today and if done right, it can result in great results for your business.

Using breaking news as it’s happening and making it relevant to your own marketing in order to generate media coverage for you or your business is news jacking. Capitalizing when something important or newsworthy happens in your industry or one related to yours is news jacking. It’s the idea of taking advantage of the popularity of a news story to increase your own exposure, sales and marketing success.

Redirecting momentum from news into your company’s marketing to widen your audience, in real time and often as it is happening, can be gold for your company. The duration of the exposure is short as news stories die down quickly  but the impact in a short time can be huge, especially when you look at the effort required.

Oakley Jacks It Up

Oakley is a great example of news jacking having a huge impact.  Oakley provided a new pair of Oakley Radar sunglasses to the 33 Chilean miners after they spent 69 days trapped underground, resulting in huge press coverage. In worldwide television impact alone, Oakley garnered $41 million in equivalent advertising time (Source: CNBC sponsored research from Front Row Analytics, a sponsorship evaluation firm). Read more about this here.

Are you employing the art of news jacking in your marketing efforts? Not sure where to start? Drop us a line or give us a call. It’s what we do. We’re waiting to jack your business to the next level!

In closing I’ll leave you with this clip that made the term “let’s jack it up” more popular than ever.

Todd Marcotte
Lead Strategist


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  • Josef

    September 16, 2014

    I love this concept. Ranks right up there with controversy marketing.

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