I’m Here, Now What?

OK, so your SEO is working and a consumer has reached your website (if not, we need to talk). Now what? What compelling story does your site share? Is usable, valuable content the king on your site? It better be, for the consumer clock ticks fast, and first impressions are critical if you hope to be able to build relationships online.

Your website is your calling card, so you want to make sure that you’re sharing stories that resonate with site visitors.  Dreary  laundry lists of features won’t win any hearts or minds, especially when you consider this fact: every business category imaginable is over-serviced. There is no shortage of options, just a shortage or interesting, compelling options, and better business story-telling is a great way to stand apart for the right reasons.

Different audiences respond to different triggers, and getting your message, tone and style right can make all the difference when it comes to converting more visitors into customers.

Here are 3 recent websites we produced for three very different clients. Different triggers and Different creative approaches but all had the same great results.

View Cita Project Visit Site

View OCEC Project Visit Site

View FPM Project Visit Site

Author Todd Marcotte

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