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So you want to make a video but it seems expensive. “Seems expensive” is key here. While in the beginning phases it may seem like you are going to tie up a lot of your marketing budget on making a video, keep in mind that this is a company or brand resource that you can use over and over again and in many different places.

Video storytelling continues to trump traditional marketing

In today’s digital marketing playground, video continues to dominate advertising space. Even big, international, well-known brands are ditching traditional television commercials for video.


Remember we just mentioned cost? Cost is huge when making a national or international television spot. Cost is also high when taking out a full-page print ad in a national newspaper or magazine and the kicker is that you can only use it for that ad run! This is an example of using up a lot of advertising money with mostly a one-dimensional reach.

Video is different

Carleton University is a prime example of using marketing dollars to produce something that can be used over and over anywhere the client wants. Originally, this client came to Electric Medialand for the development of a corporate video for their website and social channels. We filmed additional segments during the same shoot, including student testimonials, to use corporately and for each department to use on their marketing channels. This was key for extension and getting the most for dollars spent as several different audiences and platforms could be reached with one ad campaign.

Repurposed and on repeat

Now, this same video storytelling campaign has been repurposed for use as advertising in movie theaters. This is brilliant as the audience at the cinema captures the demographic the university is seeking: students, potential students and their parents.

Bottom line 

If a company or brand executes a number of different videos and campaigns separately, it becomes very expensive and often results in disjointed storytelling. Instead, filming one strong campaign with a lot of different footage for different storytelling and settings results in a solid resource that can be used over and over again in different areas and mediums.

“Seems expensive” now turns into great value for quality marketing materials, as you have been able to reuse them for different audiences and platforms.
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Todd Marcotte
Lead Strategist

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