Social Media Content – One Size Does Not Fit All

Here’s a great example of content built specifically for a platform

Check Out GE's Vine Campaign

Company: GE
Platform: Vine

This digital marketing campaign accomplished several objectives by remaining highly visual, by sharing entirely through social platforms, and by involving GE’s most engaged fans in the content creation process.

I share this example to help illustrate how important it is that shared content is built and fine tuned for specific platforms.

It’s not uncommon for marketers or engaged users to contribute to a social platform campaign by taking the path of least resistance and editing a longer video, in this case, to fit into vine-sized bites (6 seconds). Sometimes that does the trick, but beware of the hack job.

Why? Because the regular Vine consumer is already intuitively programmed to consume that content in the way the platform has been designed for use. This applies to all social platforms including Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc.

To help our clients better understand how and when to use their content online we’ve developed a system of  ”LEVELS”. This system really helps when planning and developing a content and a distribution calendar. It also becomes very clear to all those participating in the development of content the strategies involved. Here are the basic concepts:

LEVEL I – Longer Shelf Life

What is “Longer Shelf-life Content” or LEVEL I content? Simply put, it’s thoughtful content that should be shared on your organization’s blog, website or Youtube channel.

This type of content may be a white paper or a researched opinion piece that you commissioned a journalist or professional videographer to develop. It should be meaty enough to share or submit to other influencers in your business category. This type of content can get you exposure with new audiences that may intern follow you or subscribe to your email newsletter or Facebook page.

LEVEL II – Perishable Content

LEVEL II or perishable content is typically produced internally and is consumed by your subscribed audience.

It can be found showcased on the blog, on Facebook and Youtube, Vine, Twitter, Instagram etc.  It’s always meaningful but may not have the kind of legs a LEVEL I content would. Consistency is the key here. Commit to LEVEL II content distribution once a week, month or daily (your choice). Being consistent and delivering on a regular basis for your audience is key.

LEVEL III – Real Time/Hourly Digestible Content

Real time/hourly digestible content is content of the moment that is timely and relevant to your audience.

If you feel you don’t have something meaningful to contribute… don’t. Your audience may not be interested in a status update that says “Ottawa’s in a deep freeze today dress warm”.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the power of strategic content development and distribution and would like to discuss it in more detail. Let’s Talk.

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Author: Todd Marcotte
Lead Marketing Strategist

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  • Allison

    March 19, 2014

    social media content should be interesting and related with our business which really reflects the business goals and objectives..otherwise visitors may consider it or feel your social media account is not useful or relevant …It’s really important to take into account for Digital Marketing Agency to get the most success from the social network…thanks for sharing a great article Todd

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