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In the not so distant past, companies like the Hampton Conference Centre (now known as the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre) built a website primarily to communicate features and benefits. The focus was often placed on “me too” content and design with little or no regard for the brand story or the user experience.

Custom content management systems often fell short when it came to design and layout, and many companies that deliver these solutions rarely had the marketing expertise to tell a better brand story. Yesterday’s strategic thoughtful use of digital real estate and design was more about pretty pictures in predetermined spaces.

This is Now

No longer do you have to make that dreaded compromise. Open sourced content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal allow for world-class design and content flexibility. This in turn shifts the power back to the marketing professional who can pay closer attention to what has been typically neglected. Your Brand and the people that will interact with it.

Take a look at The Ottawa Conference and Event Centre’s new website. We built the site using the Drupal CMS. The site is also responsive with all devices and includes some great brand video throughout.

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As you plan your 2014 marketing year consider taking a closer look at what your brand is communicating online. We’d be happy to give you our professional opinion. In the meantime feel free to look at more of our work at

Author: Todd Marcotte

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