The Power Of Digital Advertising

In today’s digital market many businesses are relying on their online presence to help secure their audience. They have realized that it is not just a matter of “same old, same old” when it comes to advertising and that they have to get into the online game of recruiting, attracting and selling. With this in mind, it is important to attract the right audience with an efficient and intelligent digital campaign.

To execute a successful digital advertising campaign, one needs both a powerful and accurate recipe for success while at the same time allowing some room for adjustment along the way if the flavor isn’t quite what it needs to be. Engagement, conversion and analytics are the main ingredients in this recipe and establishing the right mix and timing will result in a successful campaign.

Electric Medialand’s Digital Advertising Campaign Recipe; A Glimpse

One Part Engagement with A Dash of Adwords:

Measure twice and cut once. Make every word count with your Adwords advertising. Similar to Twitter, which allows you a maximum of 140 characters to get your message out (and less if you want a solid retweet), you must use your words wisely. Understanding what triggers will move your prospective customer is key to better engagement and click through.

One Part Conversion:

Bringing different ingredients together for a positive reaction is important. Once people click through, you need to confer them to an action. That action might be to fill out a form, buy something, leave feedback on a blog, engage in conversation or connect on your social platforms. Clicks mean nothing without a clear and realistic understanding of what you want to accomplish.  A fundamental aid in conversion is “storytelling” and since we aren’t all great storytellers, we need to find those that are and work with them. It should be noted that video is one of the best and most powerful ways to tell a story.


One Part Analytics:

As with any recipe, once it is in the oven, you need to keep an eye on it. You want to look at analytics both during and after a digital campaign for an overall assessment. During the campaign you are looking for trends or mistakes you may be making that are hindering the campaign so that you can adjust and correct them and again after the campaign so that you can learn and fine-tune for the next campaign.

Todd Marcotte, Lead Strategist, Electric Medialand

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