Twerk or Tweet

If you are a pretty young pop star with a great posterior, shaking it in a flesh coloured latex thong at an awards show seems to get plenty of attention.

The old saying “any press is good press” appears to apply here.  Disney’s Hannah Montana, even though on a moral downward spiral, sure knows how to avoid her genetic disposition towards becoming another flash in the pan with an achy breaky heart.

The Right Attention from the Right People

The same sort of infectious youthful enthusiasm that drove the Beatles, Brittany, and the Bieber to meteoric heights of teenage stardom now also makes Miley’s and other teen-targeted celebs’ Tweets and social media posts very powerful.

If you are a star already, Tweeting is a very good channel to establish for your brand’s messaging.  If you are a small to medium sized business, social media can be great to keep you in touch with those that know you already and get in front of like minded individuals, but without a hot butt and/or millions of fans already, it is a lot harder to get noticed and make people go “Gaga” in this new epoch of shock.   Just as with a teenage daughter, there is good attention and bad attention. For a small to medium sized business, bad attention is leaving an unfair review dangle in cyberspace (especially on your Google Maps listing) without addressing or politely posting an offer from your company to amend the situation. Good attention is getting noticed by those that could become customers. The fastest way to achieve traction for your company’s business to consumer promotional goals is getting onto the first page of Google and other search engines where the right people are looking for your products and services. The right people are the in-your-market shoppers within your serviceable area.

Jeff Cyr, Search, Social, PR Specialist

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